The Summit – Colorado Springs, CO

On our trip to Colorado we stopped at a placed called The Summit, which if one is familiar with Dave & Buster’s, it is a similar concept with an arcade and games, along with a restaurant. The Summit also has a bowling alley so it is also similar to a variety of large entertainment complexes that I’ve seen before. On the menu at the restaurant was a Perfect Patron Margarita, which very interestingly is the same name as a Margarita served at Dave & Buster’s and also Applebee’s restaurants. Things that make you go hmmm ….

Anyway, the Perfect Patron Margarita at The Summit had an excellent flavor. All the components were well-balanced and I even liked the salt on the rim on this drink. It had just a slight hint of a bitter finish, otherwise it was tasty and refreshing. It rates an 8 on my scale.