Applebee’s Again – Glen Carbon, IL

Applebee's new Margarita Menu

Applebee’s new Margarita Menu

Prior to this particular visit to an Applebee’s, I had stopped for dinner at an Applebees on the way back from a road trip. I noticed at the time that they were featuring a new Margarita selection menu. I didn’t take the time to compare the new varieties as I usually order the Perfect Margarita, but I did have a sip of another variety of Margarita a friend had ordered. I thought the flavor was good, so the next chance I got to go to Applebees, I wanted to make sure to sample several of the new offerings. Plus it was almost my birthday, so I figured this was a good way to celebrate!

Applebee's Blue Agave 'Rita, Applebee's – Glen Carbon, IL

Applebee’s Blue Agave ‘Rita

I first tried their Blue Agave ‘Rita, made with Sauza Blue tequila and lime juice. The ingredients sounded simple, so I was hopeful it would be a good Margarita. This was a flavorful drink with both sweet and tart components well balanced and decent tequila flavor. I felt it could have used a little more fresh lime flavor, but overall I would give it a 7.5 this day.

Next I tried my old standby, the Perfect Margarita. The menu listed 1800 Reposado tequila, Cointreau and Grand Marnier, and lime juice as the ingredients. I’m not sure if Applebee’s had changed the formula or if these were the ingredients they had always used, but this particular

Applebee's Perfect Margarita, Applebee's – Glen Carbon, IL

Applebee’s Perfect Margarita

Perfect Margarita tasted a little different that I remembered. It seemed like it had more lime juice than usual and the consistency was not quite as thick. It was still a good drink overall, however. Between the Perfect and the Blue Agave ‘Rita the main difference in flavor I felt was the Grand Marnier. For this visit, I would rate the Perfect Margarita also at 7.5

Finally I tried a new variety, the Perfect Patron Margarita. Highlighting Patron Silver tequila and lime juice, I was also quite interested in that a listed ingredient was Patron Citronge, which as I mentioned before, has become one of my favorite orange liqueurs to use in a Margarita. Regardless, I was excited to try this Margarita because of the ingredients. As compared to the regular Perfect

Applebee's Perfect Patron Margarita, Applebee's – Glen Carbon, IL

Applebee’s Perfect Patron Margarita

Margarita, the Patron version was a little smoother and not as acidic. I felt that it was a little better than the regular version and therefore would rate it an 8 for this visit.

Once again it was nice to see a popular restaurant chain start to feature Margaritas with top shelf ingredients. I wonder if this is a trend for some reason? Maybe they’ve been reading my blog? 🙂