Tequila’s – Carterville, IL

While in the “real” Southern Illinois for a business training event, a group of us went to Tequila’s restaurant in Carterville, IL. While an average Mexican place although I will say the decor in bright, colorful, and fun. The food was good, although the Margarita was average. It was a little on the tart side and definitely made from a mix. However it was reasonably flavored and pleasant to drink. It gets a 6.5 on my scale.

I then realized that I had been to a Tequila’s in Carbondale, IL and that Margarita was basically the same. It turns out that Tequila’s has 8 restaurants in Southern Illinois. I’m happy for their success – and I just wish I could toast to them with a better Margarita!

On the bright side of things, this was the 4th day in a row that I had a Margarita! Life is good!