Longmont Public House – Longmont CO

It was time for another trip to Colorado! This time it was for a business conference and while there, my lady and I were invited to go to dinner with a group of people. We went to the Longmont Public House located in, appropriately enough, Longmont, Colorado. They listed a Margarita with my favorite ingredients: Tequila, agave, and lime. So of course I had to try one. And the good news was that they offered a choice of Tequilas! So I started with a Margarita with their standard Tequila, Exotico.

When made with Exotico the Margarita was very smooth with a nice balance. It was just a tad on the tart side but I really liked it. I give it an 8.5

I next chose a Margarita made with Don Julio. It was even smoother, which I should not have been surprised given how smooth Don Julio is and how much I like this Tequila. With the Don Julio I give this Margarita a 9.

And then I did something I had never done before! But before I can tell you what I did, I need to set up the back story.

A few days earlier I met Thomas Vela, a part owner in Dry Land Distillers, a small Colorado company that creates a few specialty liquors including one made from Colorado Prickly Pear cactus that is then processed in a way that creates a virtual Mezcal. While not truly a Tequila, traditional Mexican Mezcal shares some similarities with Tequila given that they are both made from the Agave plant. Agave and cactus are in the same family of plant so the Dry Land Cactus Spirit tastes extremely similar to a Mezcal. Now normally I am not a big fan of Mezcal. It is normally not as smooth as Tequila and I am simply not a big fan of smoky flavor in my drinks.

Anyway, Thomas was part of the business conference we were attending and he knew a group of us were going to dinner. So I got a call from him while we were at dinner and he said to come outside and meet him in the parking lot. My lady and I went out there and he had brought us a sample of his Cactus Spirt to give a try. (He said he could not bring it in the restaurant due to liquor licensing laws). So we sampled it and I was pleasantly surprised. This “Mezcal” made from Colorado Prickly Pear Cactus was strong but smooth and the smoky flavor was not overwhelming. This was something I could truly enjoy.

I then had an idea! And now for what I’ve never done before. Technically it was two things I’ve never done before. First I smuggled in some of the Cactus Spirt into the restaurant (I’m SO naughty!). Second I ordered a virgin Margarita and when I received the drink, I added the Cactus Spirt. I’ve never smuggled alcohol into a restaurant and never made a “Mezcal” Margarita.

Anyway, with the Dry Land Distillers Cactus Spirit, the Margarita was nice and smooth as before but with the smokiness of a Mezcal. Again the smokiness was not overpowering so it was a pleasant drink, worthy of an 8.5. Now don’t try ordering this Margarita from Longmont Public House because it’s not on the menu!