Brio Tuscan Grill Revisited – Frontenac, MO

I’ve often told people that I’m not a big fan of salt on the rim of a Margarita. To me, the salt just doesn’t really add to the drink flavor. I much rather experience the flavor of the drink without the salt getting in the way. Additionally, if not done correctly, the salt on the rim can fall to the bottom of the glass and alter the taste of the drink, especially when the margarita is almost finished and those precious last draws are overwhelmed with salt.

This day at Brio Tuscan Grill was a perfect example of this phenomenon. I ordered two Margaritas that night (the Ultra-Premium Italian Margarita as I had ordered on a previous visit) and the difference was significant because of the salt. The first was a good drink but the rim was not salted properly. My fault for not specifying that I did not want salt but unfortunately some of it fell to the bottom of the glass and disrupted what was otherwise a pleasant experience. I ordered a second Margarita and this time was careful to specify no salt. This one was a much better representation of what a Margarita at this establishment could be. It had great lime flavor up front and the overall taste was well balanced. Assuming you get a drink that is not salted improperly, I will rate the Margarita at Brio Tuscan Grill this night an 8.