Global Brew Tap House – Rock Hill, MO

Global Brew Tap House is a franchise that prides itself on the variety of beers it has on tap. I know the owner that started the company (10 years ago?) and as a technology consultant, I actually helped him evaluate and choose their point of sale system back when they were launching their first location. I happened to stop by one of their franchised locations this evening and noticed that they had a Margarita on the menu. Of course I decided to give the drink a try.

For an establishment known for their beers, the Margarita was a nice surprise. Overall it had a decent flavor and was pleasant to drink. It seemed to have a little carbonation that gave it a little bit of a bite. My only nitpick would be that it had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste along with the tartness. I would give the Margarita on this night a 7