Herbie’s Revisited – Clayton, MO

The “Tex-Mex Scramble” at Herbie’s in Clayton, MO. You’ll need to ask for it special since it is not on their menu and I “created” it on the spot!

Herbie’s in Clayton, MO has become one of my favorite places in the St. Louis area. My lady and I arrived early to dinner with friends at Herbie’s. So we sat at the bar to wait and while there we decided to have some drinks. I noticed a drink on the bar menu called a Texas Scramble that had ingredients of Tito’s Vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and rosé bubbles. Since it had lime juice I wondered what it would be like with Tequila replacing the vodka. So I asked if they could make the modification and they agreed! Since it was originally named a Texas Scramble, I named my Tequila modified version the “Tex-Mex Scramble”.

Overall, it was a nice drink. Definitely a different take on a Tequila cocktail. However I would say that it probably would have been better with a sweeter rosé or additional simple syrup. But given that I simply asked for a replacement of the liquor, I can’t complain that the modified drink wasn’t exactly as I would have liked. Kudos to Herbie’s bar staff for indulging me.

The Cadillac Margarite. No, that is not misspelled.

When our friends arrived and we sat down for dinner, I decided to try a Margarita. Listed on their menu was a Cadillac Margarite … and not that is not a misspelling. Made with El Mayor Reposado Tequila, Grand Mariner, fresh lime juice, and Agave Syrup, I was very excited to try, although wary of the Grand Marnier. As it turned out, this Margarita had a good base flavor but it had a bitterness on the front and on the finish. I believe they went too heavy on the Grand Marnier unfortunately. So I can only give the Cadillac “Margarite” I had this night a 7.