Herbie’s – Clayton, MO

Margarita, Herbie's – Clayton, MOI was walking around Clayton this afternoon out doing some shopping when it was decided to stop for a light lunch. It was actually a nice day for being mid-August in St. Louis so when we found outdoor seating at Herbie’s we decided to stop. The time seemed right to try a Margarita, so of course I did!

Things started off right as they asked what kind of tequila I preferred. This is always a good sign as that usually means the server and/or bartender takes their drinks seriously. I chose my go-to Don Julio and was excited to taste what they brought out. Unfortunately, the Margarita that day was a bit overly tart. Usually I get this type of taste when a mix is used. The Margarita did have good tequila flavor, as should be expected from Don Julio, and I tasted what seemed to be fresh lime juice, but the overall flavor just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Oh well. I give the Margarita I had that day a 7, but I will definitely go back to Herbie’s and try again because the food was really good. Maybe next time the Margarita will be better balanced.