The Libertine – Clayton, MO

Traditional Margarita, The Libertine – Clayton, MO

A Traditional Margarita at The Libertine

I was out for the evening, looking to have a nice dinner. I finally got to try a place that I had been wanting to try for a long time, The Libertine in Clayton, MO. Looking over their menu, I noticed they had two Margaritas to try. So of course I was up to the challenge!

First I tried a traditional Margarita. It had very good tequila flavor but was a little soft on the citrus. However it was smooth and well-balanced. It had just a little bit of a bitter finish. Overall it was very good so I give it an 8.

Tommy's Margarita, The Libertine – Clayton, MO

Tommy’s Margarita from The Libertine. Looks virtually the same as the first, but the taste is better.

Second I tried what The Libertine called “Tommy’s Margarita.” It was made with agave nectar and not orange liqueur, very much like my standard Margarita recipe. While the drink was presented in the same glass and it looked virtually identical to the traditional Margarita I had earlier, the taste of Tommy’s Margarita was overall smoother and had no bitter finish. It was slightly more acidic but still very good. It is possible that the orange liqueur of the traditional Margarita provided the bitter finish, where Tommy’s Margarita with no orange liqueur didn’t have that flavor. I give Tommy’s an 8.5.