Charleville Vineyard Winery – Sainte Genevieve, MO

Charlerita Margarita, Charleville Vineyard Winery – Sainte Genevieve, MOOk, I know what you must be thinking … what’s a winery got to do with a Margarita? Well, I tend to find Margaritas everywhere I go it seems! I was out for a day visiting wineries in the Sainte Genevieve, MO area and when we stopped at the Charleville Vineyard, they had a drink they called the Charlerita – a Margarita made with wine. Of course, I had to try it.

I believe the wine they used for this drink was Chardonel or Chauvin. It smelled nice with lime being the prominent aroma. I was very much anticipating the flavor. Unfortunately, that is where the good times ended. The Charlerita is simply nothing like a good Margarita. It would appear that wine is simply not a good substitute for tequila. As a Margarita I can not in good conscience give this more than a 3. Honestly it is probably more of a 2. Even as just a generic cocktail, it had a woody flavor that just did not jive with the citrus. 3 or 4 tops – even when not classifying it as a Margarita.

I’m quite sorry, Charleville. I hate to be negative but this drink does not deserve to be called a “Rita.” At least the glass was very pretty and the view of the winery is lovely. I’d be happy to come back in the future and try again.