Coco Cana Lounge – Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

The first destination on the Marketer’s Cruise was Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. We connected with another professional who had rented an ocean cabana and spent the day there. Complete with a bar, we were able to order drink and of course I asked for a Margarita.

Now this was a very interesting Margarita as it was made with “local tequila” as the server specified. Now knowing what I know about Tequila, I know it is only made in the Jalisco region of Mexico so I was skeptical of what this “local tequila” could actually be. At one point I went to the bar to ask to take a look at the bottle. It was labeled Versailles TexSol made by Isidro Bordas, which is in fact a Dominican Republic producer of alcoholic drinks. The ingredients listed was “Alcohol y esencia de agave” which translated means “Alcohol and agave essence”. So it is an agave-based spirit, although it probably is not really close to a real Tequila. I asked for a shot of this spirit to see what it tasted like and it has a flavor similar to floral perfume. Definitely not like most Tequila I have tasted. Still, this was a very curious find!

Anyway, the Margarita itself had a fruity flavor, very possibly a factor of the above-mentioned TexSol spirit, along with some lime flavor and sweetness. It really was not a great Margarita, rating only a 6.5, but it was decent enough, especially when drinking in a tropical paradise!