El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar – Las Vegas, NV

Sol Margarita, El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar

Continuing our Las Vegas trip, my lady and I walked down the Las Vegas Strip with one of the partners in the podcasting company and his lady to do some shopping and sight seeing. We happened to find a Mexican restaurant called El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar that caught the attention of our friends as they use to live in El Segundo. And of course, I had no problem stopping by a Mexican restaurant and sampling some Margaritas in Las Vegas.

First I tried their Sol Margarita, which appeared to be their house variety of Margarita. The ingredients listed were El Jimador Reposado, Bauchant Orange Liqueur, and lime juice. It had a nice flavor with a good balance although it was a bit on the tart side. It had an ever so slightly bitter finish, which may have come from the orange liqueur. Overall it was a very nice Margarita, especially if you like a tart variety. I rate the Margarita on this afternoon an 8.

Petal to the Metal Margarita, El Segundo Sol Taqueria and Margarita Bar

Next I tried a Margarita they called their Petal to The Metal, with the ingredients of Milagro Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, lime, and hibiscus. Overall it was a nice drink with a very citrus flavor prominent. It was not very sweet but the hibiscus flavor was also strong. Ultimately, I would honestly not call this drink a Margarita as the lime flavor was not discernible through the hibiscus, however it was as pleasant drink especially if you like hibiscus flavor.