Maxine’s Bistro & Bar – Miami Beach, FL

Classic Margarita, Maxine’s Bistro & Bar

Only 10 days after our Las Vegas Trip ended, my lady and I took a trip to Miami Beach to set sail on a business cruise called the Marketer’s Cruise. Yes, such things exist! Our first night in Miami Beach, we stopped by a placed called Maxine’s Bistro & Bar which was right down the street from the hotel we were staying at.

I ordered a Classic Margarita off their menu. For not expecting anything special, this Margarita was amazing. It was richly flavored and nicely balanced. The flavors hit right up front and lingered after the swallow. It was truly one of the best Margaritas I had the good fortune of trying in a long time – which after some great Margaritas in Las Vegas I was feeling quite blessed. After our dinner I went to the bar and asked the bartender if I could watch her make this Margarita. It was a pretty simple recipe of lime juice, tequila, and Triple Sec. I was surprised at the choice of Tequila as it Juarez Silver, which to my knowledge is not necessarily a true Tequila. Additionally she used the Juarez brand of Triple Sec, which I will make a point to purchase a bottle and test it out in the future along with the Juarez Tequila because the Classic Margarita at Maxine’s was worthy of a 9.5

Spicy Pineapple Margarita, Maxine’s Bistro & Bar

My lady had ordered a Spicy Pineapple Margarita and of course I took a few sips. For a flavored Margarita, it was excellent. The pineapple flavor blends in nicely so that it doesn’t overwhelm the lime and tequila flavor. This is also true of the spiciness present in this Margarita, giving it just enough spice to make things interesting without being overpowering. This drink still feels like a Margarita which is very important to me when trying flavored Margaritas like this one. As a side note, the pineapple flavor itself was excellent, which I’m guessing that they used fresh pineapple juice in Miami Beach. Overall this was an excellent flavored Margarita that I rate an 8.5.

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