Tapas Barcelona – Evanston IL

While visiting my older daughter for her senior year family weekend at Northwestern University, I took her, her boyfriend, and my lady to Tapas Barcelona, not surprisingly a tapas restaurant. I’ve been here once before but had not yet tried a Margarita. Since this was about a month after my daughter had turned 21, I treated us all to a pitcher of Margaritas!

The Margaritas that night were good, but not great. The flavor was good and well balanced but it had just a slight bit more more “fruitiness” than I prefer. Still it was worthy of a 7.5 on this night.

Overall, Tapas Barcelona is a great restaurant. They have a wide variety of tapas options and I’ve not been disappointed in anything I’ve had ever eaten there. If you are in Evanston, IL, make sure to stop by!