Oaxaca Margarita Bar – Edwardsville, IL

Because I was out of town for my birthday, when I got back home I got a belated birthday Margarita outing. A new establishment called Oaxaca Margarita Bar had recently been opened and I was eager to try it out.

On this night I sampled a few different Margaritas. The first was their House Margarita. It had a nice flavor, although not robust. There was a slightly bitter finish which I’m guessing may have been due to not using the best quality tequila. Overall it was a nice drink but not a standout. It rated a 7 for me.

Next I tried their Sangria Margarita. It had a really nice flavor which I attribute to incorporating the flavor of sangria with a good quality margarita. In my opinion, all Sangrias should taste like this! I rate the Sangria Margarita from Oaxaca a 7.5, given that it is a flavored Margarita and therefore a unique flavor.

Next I tried their Margarita Amor. This Margarita was good and had a nice tequila flavor. There is some fruitiness to it, which normally I find can be hit or miss depending on the quality of the Margarita, but in this one it was appreciable but not overwhelming. I rate it a 7.5

Finally I sampled Oaxaca’s Grand Margarita. They list the ingredients as fresh lime juice, orange juice, premium blanco tequila, orange liquor, and triple sec. Unfortunately the salt on the rim had fallen to the bottom and the first taste was really salty. I was more careful with my second sip and the flavor was pretty good, although a little bitter on the finish. This might be due to the particular triple sec they used. The overall flavor could have been a bit more robust, so I give this final Margarita a 7.