Mike Shannon’s Grill Revisited – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita, Mike Shannon's Grill - Edwardsville, ILIt had been a while since I last visited Mike Shannon’s Grill in Edwardsville, IL and I was eager to give their Margarita another try. I’m happy to say this experience was much better than the last one.

The first thing I noticed was a good tequila flavor. All the flavors were balanced and the ingredients seemed fresh and flavorful. Overall, it was just a very good Margarita. I would rate the Margarita I had that day an 8.5, which was a significant improvement over the 6.5 I rated it last time. I suspect, as is the case in many establishments, that the skill of the bartender may have a lot to do with the quality of the Margarita they serve. Or perhaps the standard Margarita recipe at Mike Shannon’s Grill has improved. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll be sure to try again soon to be sure!