Margaritas in Costa Rica

Mandarin Limes, mandarinas

These are the types of limes I SHOULD have tried while in Costa Rica!

So after trying a couple of Margaritas out while on our trip to Costa Rica, I decided to make my own Margaritas and share them with my family. If nothing else, I figured that it would be the best way to test Costa Rican limes.

My mom had bought me a bottle of Patron for my birthday, I managed to get hold of some agave nectar, and I bought a bunch of limes so I had pretty much everything I needed. I made several batches and my family thought they were very good. Of course I had some myself. So do limes from Costa Rica taste different from limes that come from Mexico or the United States? For the most part, I could not really tell a difference. If anything, they may have been slightly less acidic, but that may have just been the particular batch of limes I had, as the limes I’ve bought in the US vary at times as well.

Looking back, I should have done my research before traveling because apparently an interesting variety called the Mandarin Lime grows commonly in Costa Rica (called mandarinas by the locals). It is basically a lime that looks like an orange on the inside. The flavor is supposedly sweeter, like a cross between a lime and an orange, which would make sense from looking at it. So now I will go on the hunt to find Mandarin limes in the US and as soon as I can get my hands on some, I will report back.