Caleco’s – St. Louis, MO

Margarita, Caleco's – St. Louis, MOCaleco’s is a very unique bar & grill located in the heart of downtown St. Louis. It is a popular place to go before Cardinal baseball games, and is one of our favorite places to go for a meal if we are in the area. Oddly enough, it had been quite a while since my wife and I had visited there, but we found ourselves nearby and decided to stop in. Of course, a Margarita was to be had.

For as many times as I had been to Caleco’s, I honestly did not remember having a Margarita there before. Likely I had, but I just didn’t recall what it was like. Looking over their menu, it highlighted a 32 oz Margarita, so I figured that they took a little pride in their drink. Hopefully, anyway.

The Margarita I got that day was flavorful, but very much on the sweet side. It was also more on the “fruity” flavor spectrum than the citrus flavor I look for. All-in-all, it was a very tasty drink, but not so much like a true Margarita as I would like. For most people eating at a bar & grill, this drink would probably satisfy their Margarita craving. However, I wouldn’t necessarily stop here for a Margarita if that’s what you are primarily after. The Margarita that day garnered a 7.

Looking over their bar menu, they do offer a variety of nice tequilas. I know that Caleco’s bar can make some great drinks, so it is possible that if you ordered a hand-made margarita with fresh lime juice it could be a great drink. Perhaps I will try that on my next visit.