Sir Veza’s – Airport, Phoenix, AZ

Margarita, Sir Veza's – Airport, Phoenix, AZ

A Margarita in an airport!

After our trip to California wine country, we traveled back with a stop over in the Phoenix airport. While there we looked for a place to grab a quick lunch. We just happened to find a Mexican placed called Sir Veza’s and then of course, I had to try a Margarita. A Margarita in an airport – who would have thunk it?

For a fast food airport restaurant, the food at Sir Veza’s was actually pretty good. The Margarita, while it tasted like it was obviously made with a mix, was pretty decent tasting. It was a little bit on the sweet side and a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Given that, I rate the Margarita a 7, but for a Margarita fix in an airport it is worth trying.