54th Street Grill – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita, El Perfecto, 54th Street Grill - Edwardsville, IL

This was the El Perfecto

It had been awhile since I had eaten at a 54th Street Grill restaurant. We have a few in our area and one in my town. We just happened to be near our 54th Street Grill and decided to stop in for a family dinner. While not technically a Mexican restaurant, 54th Street Grill does have a lot of Mexican-themed options on their menu. They also have a healthy selection of Margaritas. So my wife and I each had one to compare.

I had the “El Perfecto” Margarita. It came served “martini-style” in a shaker and martini glass, which I’ve only ever seen done at Applebee’s and their “Ultimate Margarita”. El Perfecto had a good citrus component and not too much sweetness. The finish was just a little bitter, but overall it was very good. I give it a 7.5.

My wife had the Top Shelf Margarita. The main difference in my mind was that the flavor was a little smoother than the El Perfecto so the finish was nicer. Just like the El Perfecto the sweetness wasn’t overpowering but it did seem the consistency was just a little thinner. So for the pros and cons of the Top Shelf, it also gets a 7.5.

Margarita, Top Shelf, 54th Street Grill - Edwardsville, IL

This was the Top Shelf Margarita