Edison’s Entertainment Complex – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita, Edison's Entertainment Complex - Edwardsville, IL

The presentation of this Margarita flight was really cool! From left to right: Orignal, Melon, Mystery, Pomegranate

Edison’s Entertainment Complex has been one of the most exciting new developments in our town over the last couple of years. It is basically a video arcade, laser tag arena, bowling alley, restaurant, bar, and frozen yogurt shop all in one. My kids love it – ok, I do too – so we’ve been out at Edison’s many times. This time I had the chance to sit down for dinner with one of my daughters and as luck would have it, Edison’s was featuring Margarita flight. So obviously I had to check it out.

One thing I really like about Edison’s is that the restaurant isn’t an afterthought. They employ an executive chef and I can tell that the food is well-prepared. The servers are all well-trained and very friendly and attentive. I’ve had some drinks from the bar before and they were good quality as well. So I was really looking forward to the Margarita flight. Since the flight consisted of four different Margaritas – Original, Melon, “Mystery”, and Pomegranate – I will rate each one separately. To start with, the presentation of the Margarita flight in a drink carrier flight was very cool. It was a like a little Margarita rainbow!

The original Margarita had good flavor. It was well-balanced and I could tell the tequila was good quality. However, it wasn’t anything spectacular. So I give it a 7.

The melon flavored Margarita was just OK. The melon taste seemed somewhat artificial. I give it a 6.

The “mystery” Margarita had a very odd taste. It reminded me of cough syrup. Unfortunately, I can only give this Margarita a 4.

The pomegranate Margarita just didn’t have a flavor I enjoyed. Like the other flavored Margaritas in this flight, it seemed they used flavored syrups and it just really didn’t work for me. But this one was better than the mystery Margarita, so I give it a 5.

Edison’s is an awesome place to hangout for both kids and adults alike. So definitely stop by if you get the chance. However, I recommend skipping the Margarita flight and just ordering an original Margarita.