Wasabi Sushi Bar – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita, Wasabi Sushi Bar - Edwardsville, IL

The Margarita is in front; my wife’s Mango Crush is in the background.

At one time in my life I would have never tried sushi. Luckily for me, during a party at a Macworld conference in San Francisco several years ago I mistook sushi for some sort of veggie roll. After eating a few rolls I figured out what I was putting in my mouth. Strangely, once I had tried sushi and liked it, I actually began to crave it. It is now one of my favorite meals. Wasabi Sushi Bar is a great place to get sushi in our town and when I went there recently, I took the opportunity to try one of their Margaritas. Like I’ve said before, I’ll try a Margarita anyplace!

While I really like the citrus component of a Margarita, it must be well-balanced with the other flavors. This Margarita had too much of a citrus hit up front. Then the finish was a little bitter, perhaps a consequence of the tequila used. Overall, the flavor made me think it came from a mix. It wasn’t terrible, just not really good. So I give this particular Margarita a 6.5. To compare, my wife had a “Mango Crush” martini. It was actually good for a martini – but martinis just aren’t Margaritas!

One thing I noticed is that after I ate some sushi with spicy Sriracha sauce, the Margarita actually tasted better. Maybe there’s something about spicy food and Margaritas? This could be one reason Margaritas go so well with spicy Mexican food. This is something I’ll need to explore further.