Sanctuaria Wild Tapas – St. Louis, MO

Regular Margarita, Sanctuaria Wild Tapas

While out to dinner with my lady and some friends at Sanctuaria Wild Tapas, which has an extensive and very interesting cocktail menu, I asked if they had any Margarita-inspired cocktails. The server said they had two main Margarita options, a regular one and one made with ghost pepper infused Tequila. So I of course had to try both.

The regular Margaria was an excellent drink. It was smooth and all the flavors well balanced. It had just a slight hint of a bitter finish. I rate it an 8.5

Ghost Pepper Margarita, Sanctuaria Wild Tapas

The Margarita made with ghost pepper infused Tequila had a smooth spiciness that did not overpower the Margarita. However, this variety also had a little more fruitiness than the regular option. I’m not sure how that happened, but perhaps the recipe was a little different or maybe the Tequila has some fruity notes to it. Regardless, it was an excellent Margarita for a spicy flavored one which I rate an 8.