Shogun Steakhouse and Sushi Bar – Fairview Heights, IL

If nothing else, the Margarita I had this day was very special because it was the day that the city of St. Louis celebrated the Stanley Cup Championship of the St. Louis Blues hockey team! My girlfriend and I had spent the day in downtown St. Louis for the celebration and ended up that evening for some sushi at Shogun Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Of course, what better way to celebrate than with a Margarita?

If you haven’t read my earlier reviews where I had a Margarita along with sushi, you may be a bit surprised to find that I quite enjoy pairing a Margarita with sushi. But trust me, it works! Anyway, the Margarita from Shogun that night was good, but very strong! All the particular flavors of citrus, sweetness, saltiness, and tequila all came across really powerfully. While it was a good, bold Margarita, it may have come across a little too strong! I give it a 7.5, although if you enjoy a really bold flavor in your Margarita, it may rate higher for you.