Angelo’s Ristorante – Elmhurst, IL

Margarita, Angelo's Ristorante – Elmhurst, IL

It’s not often you get a foamy Margarita. At least the flavor was decent.

We were visiting my sister in the Chicago area and it happened to be Valentine’s Day weekend. I had made a reservation at a restaurant I looked up for the night of Saturday the 13th but shockingly, the restaurant seemed to go out of business a couple of days before we made our trip. I was left scrambling to find something at the last minute and I figured that it would nearly be impossible to find a table for our family. I remembered a restaurant we had eaten before in Elmhurst called Angelo’s that was not far from where we were staying. Luckily, it had a few tables available for an evening meal so we jumped at the chance.

It had been several years since we last visited and the place had gone through a makeover. So it was oddly familiar yet quite different at the same time. Happily, the food was still very good and I figured I would also try a Margarita as a pre-dinner cocktail.  The first odd thing I noticed about the Margarita was that it came out very foamy. Perhaps they put it in a blender to mix it up, otherwise I’m not sure how it came out like that. As far as the flavor went, it had a good citrus component up front and overall a decent flavor. However it had a bit of an odd tequila flavor, which I think may have been due to the use of Añejo tequila. I don’t particularly like oak flavor in a Margarita, which is the hallmark of an Añejo. I can’t be sure that is what the odd flavor was, but it distracted from the overall drink. Still, it was a good Margarita, especially considering Anjelo’s is an Italian restaurant. I give the drink I had that night a 7.

If you’re ever in the West suburbs of Chicago, be sure to give Angelo’s in Elmhurst a try. It seems to me that both the town of Elmhurst and Angelo’s restaurants are hidden little gems in the area. Angelo’s food is great and it is the type of place where you can take a date or just go for some really good Italian food.