The Oyster Bar – St. Petersburg, FL

Margarita, The Oyster Bar – St. Petersburg, FL

It’s not exactly on the menu, but it should be!

For our last night in St. Petersburg, my wife wanted a seafood extravaganza, so we went to a recommended place called The Oyster Bar. Of course, I always seek out the Margarita at every place I go, so I checked out the drink menu right away. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a standard Margarita and I just wasn’t in the mood to try out an exotic Margarita. So I asked the server if they could modify one of their Margaritas for me. Fortunately they were able to accommodate my request, so kudos to The Oyster Bar and kudos to the Margarita they served me!

One of the Margaritas on their menu was called the Jalapeñoberry Margarita, made with Patron Silver tequila, Cointreau, agave nectar, fresh lime, strawberries, and jalapeños. Well all that sounded like a great Margarita sans the strawberries and jalapeños! So that’s what I asked for and I’m glad they were able to serve it. As I expected from the ingredients, the flavor was excellent. It was just a little on the sweet side, but it was well-balanced and I liked it a lot. Overall, I rate the Margarita I had an 8.5. I should let the management of The Oyster Bar know that they should list this Margarita on their menu!