Caddy’s on the Beach – Treasure Island, FL

Perfect Margarita – Caddy's on the Beach, Treasure Island, FL

Perfect Margarita – Not exactly “perfect” but still very good

After a-day-and-a-half of driving, we arrived at our friend’s in St. Petersburg. Of course, we were hungry. We also wanted to see the beach, even though it was a little late in the day to actually “go beaching”, but luckily our friends knew of a hangout that would let us eat and hang out on the beach. An additional bonus was that they were known for good Margarita, so of course I had to judge for myself.

A quick look at the menu of Caddy’s on the Beach showed that they served what they called a “Perfect Margarita”. The ingredients were Patron Silver tequila, Grand Marnier, fresh squeezed lime juice, and a “house margarita mix”. In my mind I was wondering why they needed a “mix” after the first three ingredients, but I figured I’d just drink it and find out. A few friends also ordered another Margarita that was off-menu which they called the “Golden Margarita”. This was a little confusing to me as well because from what I understood, most “Gold” Margaritas are made with Grand Marnier … but the Perfect Margarita was made with Grand Marnier … so well, whatever. I’ll just taste everything and figure out what’s up.

I started out with my own “Perfect Margarita”. Being located on the beach, Caddy’s drinks had to be served in plastic cups. Glass is a no-no on the beach. Unfortunately this makes it hard to “see” the Margarita, but oh well. For having such an audacious name, this Margarita did mostly live up to it. It was very light and refreshing with a good amount of sweetness and just a little hit of a fruity flavor to keep it interesting. Certainly a great Margarita for drinking on the beach. I had a few tastes of the Golden Margarita and it was a similar flavor, although it seemed a little heavier, which wasn’t a problem in of itself, but the finish gave me just a slight impression of a pre-made mix. Had I not just tasted their Perfect Margarita prior to their Golden Margarita, it might not have been so noticeable. I wouldn’t turn down a Caddy’s Golden Margarita if offered to me, but their Perfect Margarita was certainly better. As far as a rating, I would give the Perfect Margarita an 8 and the Golden Margarita a 7.

Golden Margarita – Caddy's on the Beach, Treasure Island, FL

Golden Margarita – The color was a little more golden, but the flavor wasn’t quite there

Over the next few days, we spent some more time on the beach near Caddy’s and of course I had several more Perfect Margaritas. I’m happy to say that the flavor of the multiple Margaritas I had over those next few days stayed consistent. So if you are in the St. Petersburg area, take a little trip down to Sunset Beach on Treasure Island to Caddy’s. Just know you might get a little sand in your shoes!