Jimmy’s – Aspen, CO

Margarita - Jimmy's

Such a pretty picture! Unfortunately, the Margarita looked a lot better than it was.

On the second night of my Aspen visit, my travel partner and I decided to try one of Aspen’s fine dining restaurants. Our first choice, Rustique, was booked solid that night. So we went around the corner to Jimmy’s, another place we had heard good things about. I wasn’t sure if they were known for Margaritas, but their drink menu highlighted a Margarita right at the top. So I had high hopes that this would be a worthy Margarita.

Jimmy’s is a great restaurant. The sommelier came by our table and was very knowledgeable and helpful. I ordered a Filet Mignon and it was excellent. The servers were great and the ambiance was outstanding. Unfortunately, the Margarita that night just didn’t match up to the rest of the restaurant.

I ordered Jimmy’s house Margarita. Next time I’m around I’ll order their “Jimmy’s” Margarita. Unfortunately, this Margarita was simply way too tart. I normally love a Margarita with a strong citrus component, but this was just plain sour. There was no sweetness to balance the tart flavor. The finish was bitter, which when combined with the overly tart start was just not good. I hate to do this, but the Margarita this night only garnered a 5 out of 10. I’m hopeful that this was just a anomaly, as in further reading it seems Jimmy’s is known for having an excellent bar. So the next time I’m in Aspen, I’ll come back again. The food and atmosphere is worth the visit and hopefully the next Margarita will stack up.