The Crossing, Revisited – Clayton, MO

Margarita - The Crossing

This is a pretty Margarita – with a taste to match!

The Crossing was were I came up with the idea for this blog and the first Margarita I wrote about. My wife and I came back here tonight and of course, I wanted to try another Margarita.

This time I’m happy to say the Margarita was much better than the one I previously had. This Margarita had good sweetness which was nicely balanced with the citrus flavor. The tequila flavor came through but it was not overpowering. Overall it was a very good Margarita, registering a 7.5 on my scale.

As I mentioned last time, my wife and I absolutely love The Crossing. This time we had the Grand Tasting Menu. Eight courses of pure deliciousness. If you enjoy food, you must treat yourself to the Grand Tasting Menu at The Crossing at least once. Trust me, you will love it!