Jolly Rogers Grub & Grog – Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Swashbuckler's Gold Margarita, Jolly Rogers Grub & Grog

Check out this crazy cup!

I have never in my life taken a boat to get to a restaurant. I hoped there would be a Margarita in my future that would match this special outing. Fortunately for me, there was.

Jolly Rogers Grub & Grog is a restaurant on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Literally on the lake. Like you can park your boat in their docks to go eat. Pretty cool. As the name implies, this restaurant is pirate and nautically themed. So much so that they bring out a parrot you can have sit on your shoulder. The ambiance is very fun and they have a huge drink selection.

I chose the Swashbuckler’s Gold Margarita. The description claims it is the Ultimate Margarita. You can choose to have it made with a variety of tequilas: Patron, Don Julio, Cabo Wabo, Herradura, or Jose Cuervo. I had mine made with Don Julio on the recommendation of our server. It was served in a very interesting container, as the picture shows. The Margarita itself was very good. It had a good citrus taste and good tequila flavor. Gran Marnier adds some sweetness but not too much. Overall it had a bit of a light taste, which makes it a bit more refreshing and good on a hot day, which I would expect most lake goers would appreciate. Some people might say it is a little weak, which I won’t argue with, but I didn’t think it was too weak. In fact, I had a second. That one wasn’t served in the crazy container, but it was still good. Overall, I give Jolly Rogers’ Margarita a 7.5.


Same Margarita, different glass.

If you’re visiting the Lake of the Ozarks, make sure to stop by Jolly Rogers. The food is good and the Margaritas are worth the visit. And get a picture with the parrot.