Dreams Resort – Huatulco, Mexico

Margarita - Dreams Resort, Huatulco, Mexico

Oh so good!

My family took a trip to Mexico the first week of June. I know what you’re thinking … sun, surf, and Margaritas! We stayed at the Dreams resort in Huatulco, a destination recommended to us by our travel agent. First off, kudos to the staff of Dreams, as the entire experience was excellent. Everyone was super-friendly and happy to accommodate. The several restaurants on the property were all high quality and of course, the drinks were flowing a-plenty!

Obviously I had to sample the Margarita they served at the resort, which I did on several occasions over our week stay. Happily, I am able to report that their Margarita was absolutely top-notch. The flavor of the Margarita at the Dreams was very smooth. All the flavors blended together nicely and complemented each other perfectly. Rarely does a Margarita make me stand up and take notice, but this one did. I’m normally not a big fan of frozen Margaritas, but even the frozen variety they served had the same excellent flavor. I watched the bartenders make a few of my Margaritas and I believe the reason they were so good was a combination of their skill and the mix they were using. I wish I could have gotten the recipe for that mix!

Margarita - Dreams Resort, Huatulco, Mexico

This was my last Margarita at the Dreams resort. So sad 🙁

Over the course of our stay, I ordered many Margaritas from the various bars around the resort. All but one were excellent, and I think the one that wasn’t so good might have been my fault as I may have let it sit out a little too long in the sun. Sorry – I was in the pool! Because the Margaritas at the Dreams resort were so good, and I was able to confirm this many times over the course of a week, I am giving them a rating of 9 out of 10. Unfortunately, I won’t get to easily revisit these Margaritas given the fact they are over 1600 miles away!