El Maguey – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita El Maguey - Edwardsville, Illinois

My birthday Margarita! Or I should say, one of many that day!

So May 22nd is my birthday and I requested that we have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in our town, El Maguey. Besides wonderful Mexican food, great salsa, and amazing guacamole, as you can probably guess, El Maguey also has excellent Margaritas. But just how good are they?

I’ve been putting off writing about El Maguey’s Margaritas because I wanted to objectively sample many other Margaritas to confirm my previous thoughts. For several years now we’ve been eating at El Maguey and every time I have one of their Margaritas I’m never disappointed. Whatever they’re doing there, they manage to nail just the right balance of tequila, sweetness, and citrus flavors. I think my favorite part is that the citrus flavoring stands out but isn’t overpowering.

So far on this blog I’ve reserved rating any Margaritas a 9 or higher. This is because there is one factor that I can not account for with just one visit – consistency. I’ve been to various Mexican restaurants in the past and noticed that the quality of a Margarita can vary with each visit. It is quite disappointing to be served a Margarita of a quality less than expected. However, I remember going to El Maguey the very first time and commenting how good the Margarita was. This was in 2008 or 2009. Since that time I can not recall El Maguey ever serving me a less-than-excellent Margarita.

El Maguey - Edwardsville, Illinois

I’ve been taking pictures of El Maguey’s Margaritas for many years now 🙂

For just pure flavor, El Maguey in Edwardsville has one of the best Margaritas I’ve ever tasted. But because they’ve been serving them this way for so long, they rise a notch above the rest. I have no qualms giving their Margaritas a 9 out of 10. If you’re in Edwardsville and in the mood for a Margarita, run to El Maguey. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.