Unkle Munkey’s Coin Club – Edwardsville, IL

Margarita, Unkle Munkey's Coin Club – Edwardsville, IL

Yes, that’s a comic book bar top. Totally 80’s!

If you grew up in the 80’s, you might be a fan of arcade games. I say “might” because as one who did grow up in the 80’s, I know that not everyone was a fan of video games. Guys who played video games back then were usually considered geeks. I like to say that I was into video games and computers before they were cool. As an example, when I left for college in 1992, none of my friends owned consoles or were even much interested in video games at all. When I got back from college, it seemed they all owned Playstations. Thanks guys. Anyway, I digress. Visiting Unkle Munkey’s Coin Club in Edwardsville, IL is like going back in time. It is a classic arcade combined with a bar. The establishment is owned by the same people who own Wang Gang Asian Eats (home of the Yum Yum Boom Boom Margarita) so I had high hopes that I would find my own personal nirvana among 80’s video games and Margaritas.

As far as the Margarita went, it was a little bit on the tart side. I could tell it was made with a mix, not that I necessarily expected a handcrafted concoction. All that being said, it was still tasty overall, but not just not up to the standard of a top-shelf Margarita. I’d give it a 7, as while it wasn’t necessarily a great Margarita, it was definitely satisfying enough after some intensive 80’s arcade action!